Architectural Association
Media Studies

AA MEDIA is an experimental testing ground for exploring and interrogating the tools of the discipline – tools with which we speculate, manipulate and play; compute, control and test; communicate, seduce, and provoke.

Acting as both training camp and laboratory, it is a diverse, multidisciplinary program where unexpected collisions and obsessive attention to detail expose a rich seam of creative potential. Media Studies presents an opportunity to develop individual practice, where students hone their dexterity with established and progressive media, actively testing modes of production through focused acts of doing and making.


Kate Davies
Head of Media Studies
Inigo Minns
Acting Head (maternity cover)

Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu
Lab Coordinator

Architectural Association
School of Architecture
36 Bedford Square
London WC1B 3ES

+44 (0)20 7887 4000



Media Studies Core courses are studio-based courses providing students with the knowledge and skills associated with a wide range of contemporary design, communication and fabrication media. AA unit tutors, as well as staff from workshops, computing and the AV department teach these weekly courses. Each term-long course focuses on the conceptual and technical aspects of a specified topic of design media and emphasises the sustained development of a student’s ability to use design techniques as a means for conceiving, developing and producing design projects and strategies.

Comprised of 8-sessions MS-Core courses are a required part of the First Year and Intermediate Schools and can be taken for either MS1 or MS2 credit. Intermediate studio-based courses are compulsory for Second Year students but are open to any student enrolled in the Intermediate or Diploma School.


SECOND YEAR COURSES - Open to 3rd year and Diploma students


Image:Ivan Sutherland and Sketchpad.