Architectural Association
Media Studies

AA MEDIA is an experimental testing ground for exploring and interrogating the tools of the discipline – tools with which we speculate, manipulate and play; compute, control and test; communicate, seduce, and provoke.

Acting as both training camp and laboratory, it is a diverse, multidisciplinary program where unexpected collisions and obsessive attention to detail expose a rich seam of creative potential. Media Studies presents an opportunity to develop individual practice, where students hone their dexterity with established and progressive media, actively testing modes of production through focused acts of doing and making.


Kate Davies
Head of Media Studies
Inigo Minns
Acting Head (maternity cover)

Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu
Lab Coordinator

Architectural Association
School of Architecture
36 Bedford Square
London WC1B 3ES

+44 (0)20 7887 4000




Wednesdays, 2pm -5pm

A course that explores the fundamental qualities of drawing and image making.

Through a series of tests using different media we will spend 8 weeks exploring how we make images and how we can make them better. Starting with architectural drawing formats as well as works from graphic design and fine art we will develop a series of strategies for bringing more visual intent, beauty and power to your work. We will look at composition, colour, projection, media, and image making techniques with the aim of developing a unique drawing language suitable for your projects.

Session 1: DRAWING AND IMAGE INTRODUCTION: Wednesday 3rd October 2018
- Talk on image making – Composition, Colour, Communication… and Media
- Defining your subject – Over the course sessions we will be working through multiple iterations to produce a single composite drawing that contains a range of ideas in one image. This can be based on your unit work or on a parallel subject.
- Establishing your inspiration – Choosing and analysing key image references
- Establishing your media - Examples: Digital media, hand drawing, photography, etching/printmaking, collage etc can all be considered. But will be chosen according to the effect wanted
- Discussion on documentation and portfolio

Session 2: COMPOSITION: Wednesday 10th October 2018  
- Content – Define the key elements that will go into the image. We will consider different scales, elements, viewpoints etc and test how they might be combined to create the best effect.
- Composition – Looking at contemporary and traditional compositional ideas to define how they are used to make images and why they work the way they do.

Session 3: COLOUR AND LINE: Wednesday 17th October 2018
- We will establish the palette of effects and techniques that you will use to make the image
- Colour – Defining the colour palette, tonal range and textures for the drawing to achieve the qualities and atmospheres desired.
- Line – Defining the line palette and techniques for the drawing to achieve the qualities and atmospheres desired.

Session 4: MEDIA: Wednesday 24th October 2018 
- Media and Mood – Test how to achieve the desired atmospheres through the chosen media. Experimenting with the media you are familiar with and exploring alternatives.
- Atmosphere and mood – Produce 5 tests developing the media techniques and atmospheres you have been exploring
- Paper & screen – Decide on paper type and size or screen type and size


Session 5: IMAGE REFINEMENT 1: Wednesday 7th November 2018
-Image Construction: Start to work on the single image. Using the composition, colour and media ideas explored to date. The image should contain multiple views and scales and looking from details to the scale of the city. The emphasis will be on communication and mood – What impact does the image have? Who is it for? How does it feel? How are text and image combined?

Session 6: IMAGE REFINEMENT 3: Wednesday 14th November 2018 
-Image Construction: Develop the image by exploring alternatives. We will reconsider composition and colour and add details and refinement to the image

Session 7: IMAGE RESOLUTION: Wednesday 21st November 2018
-Completion of the image

Session 8: MS JURY DAY: FINAL PRESENTATION: Wednesday 28th November 2018
-Image Presentation: The final drawing will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate a development in technical skills and the impact and power of the final image
-Development Presentation: You will also present the multiple tests, variations, iterations, sketches that helped you get to the final image