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Media Studies

AA MEDIA is an experimental testing ground for exploring and interrogating the tools of the discipline – tools with which we speculate, manipulate and play; compute, control and test; communicate, seduce, and provoke.

Acting as both training camp and laboratory, it is a diverse, multidisciplinary program where unexpected collisions and obsessive attention to detail expose a rich seam of creative potential. Media Studies presents an opportunity to develop individual practice, where students hone their dexterity with established and progressive media, actively testing modes of production through focused acts of doing and making.


Kate Davies
Head of Media Studies
Inigo Minns
Acting Head (maternity cover)

Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu
Lab Coordinator

Architectural Association
School of Architecture
36 Bedford Square
London WC1B 3ES

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Image: Eric Carl, Destroy Yourself Already!

Wednesdays, 10am - 1pm, South Jury Room

Architectural tectonics no longer rely on matter, rather on bytes and narrative as a structure. `World-building` does not happen only in films and games, but around us, in our pockets and headsets, accessible through the successful marriage of an LCD screen and the camera on the opposite side of our AR enabled devices.

The 2018 agenda focuses on doubt. Addressing the `familiar` in order to doubt it, to lose its reference and the way back to it. We will alter perception to create spatial interpretations that suspend belief and disbelief simultaneously. An augmentation, placing the user in a real-time, contradictory, cross-reality environment.
Creators of digital habitats, we will be using: mobile devices, real-time 3d engines, 3d scanning and volumetric filming, motion tracking, geo location anchors and computer vision, to name a few. The Motion Studio is the AA’s time-based media and digital storytelling garage.

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Session 1: THE ANATOMY OF AUGMENTED REALITY: Wednesday 3rd October 2018
- From analog to digital augmentation devices (history, systems, optical illusions)
- Software and hardware anatomy for real-time digital content creation (mobile development)

Session 2: TOOLS FOR DESIGNING AN AR ENVIRONMENT: Wednesday 10th October 2018
- 3D assets development (poly modelling, 3d scanning, 3d animation, volumetric filming)
- Real-time implementation (game engines, shaders & lights, real-time rendering)

Session 3: REAL-TIME RENDER ENGINES: Wednesday 17th October 2018
- Building Alpha project (Unity3D, ARKit & ARCore)
- Xcode (iOS) & Android development (workflows, methods and alternatives)

Session 4: EXPERIENCE DESIGN: Wednesday 24th October 2018
- Narrative development in AR
- UX (user experience) design

Session 5: DESIGN 01: Wednesday 7th November 2018
- 3D development in AR
- Design and build

Session 6: DESIGN 02: Wednesday 14th November 2018

- Interaction development in AR
- Design and build

Session 7: DESIGN 03: Wednesday 21st November 2018 
- Design and build
- Publish & deploy on mobile hardware

Session 8: MS JURY DAY: Wednesday 28th November 2018
- Exhibit and document
- Experience and argument